• Deborah Papabathini

More than Enough

Today As I was driving, the song 'Have it all' by Bethel came on. I was having a rough couple days and I ugly cried my eyes out in the car. Needless to say, I got A LOT of stares from people driving by! The whole time the song was playing, all I could think of was "God but I'm not good enough! Why do you want any part of me?" All I could hear him say is- "Even with your flaws you are perfect. You are more than enough. Even more importantly, do you ever realize that it is your flaws and your differences that make you perfect? You are plenty. The brokenness, the imperfections, the bits and pieces is all that I need to mould you."

There are so many times in life when we think we need to be at our best. I have to admit, I am guilty of being my own harshest critic. At times we are our greatest bullies. We hold ourselves to unattainable standards, and grade ourselves against unrealistic expectations. When we make mistakes, we fall into traps of self-blame and regrets and when we feel that we have failed one time, we suddenly think that we are failures. We are so afraid to give our brokenness to Jesus and it is difficult to be vulnerable and transparent with anyone. We constantly put up a mask to show that we are strong and whole. I have my insecurities as I'm sure you do you. But why is it that we fail to let our guards down and show our insecurities to the one who created us? In these past few days, I was reminded that It's ok to be broken. It's ok to ugly cry in front of God and it's ok to give your "not so good enough" self to Him because He turns all of that into something beautiful.

Couple of months ago, a friend had written a beautiful article about The art of Broken Pieces. My prayer for you today, that you would realise how beautiful your imperfections are! Through your failures and flaws, God is moulding you into something special.

P.S. A large cup of coffee helps as well!

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