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Embracing The Process

Kopi Luwak Coffee– The most expensive coffee in the world with an average price of $100-$600 per pound/500g.

Do you know what makes this coffee so expensive? The Civet Cat (palm civet) is a nocturnal mammal native to tropical Asia and Africa and found mostly in forests. Wild civets only pick the ripest coffee berries to eat. Once the coffee has been digested and excreted, trained collectors go into the wild and pick up these excreted beans. This is then cleansed and packaged to be sold. Amazed? Disgusted? Well, this is a true story. And hence, Kopi Luwak is also called ‘poop coffee' or 'civet cat coffee'.

I had a privilege to taste Kopi Luwak Coffee in Indonesia not too long ago. Take it from a coffee lover; It was AMAZING! The most flavourful coffee I have ever tasted. It wasn't bitter and had a pleasant nutty after taste. It's not the bean itself that makes it special or expensive. You're essentially paying a lot for the process. Isn't it absurd to think that something so good can come from something so gross?

We often go through a very similar process in life. We may be walking into a project, relationship or a job with great excitement. But, down the road we realize it isn't what we had pictured it to be. It may be better OR it may be worse than you had comprehended. We find ourselves lost, trapped, hopeless, confused, frustrated, worried or often alone.

When my husband and I started dating 5 years ago, I was excited yet uncertain. I had never pictured myself being in a long distance relationship. Over the years there were numerous times I was ready to give up. Our relationship turned out very different than my idea of a relationship. And I was not willing to go through the "Process". I'm not going to deny it, but Patrick was my rock throughout. Through the process of long distance, I learned to be patient, I learned to trust and to speak my heart and mind (Not always easy for a P.K). And sure there were a few things we couldn't figure out over the phone, but the process turned our relationship into a beautiful marriage. As my husband always says "At least we have our basics right! We've aced the art of communicating our thoughts and emotions". Today, I feel like we have an extended honeymoon to make up for all the years we were apart. Of course we have a few a kinks to be ironed out here and there, but we’re in a great place now thanks to the "Process".

How many times have you run away from the dreaded "Process" only to find yourself back in it? Even cookies have to go through heat to come out in all their deliciousness. Mothers have to go through labour to give birth to their precious child. The "Process" is a phase. A phase that passes, a phase that is intended to produce results, a phase that teaches, a phase that tests you but in the end remains a memory but makes you stronger.

Remember Job from the Bible? He had everything taken away from him; his wealth, his family, everything. He was left with nothing. Did he know why? He didn't! But, he stuck the course. His wife told him to curse God, His friends tried to convince him that he must have committed an awful crime to receive such a horrible suffering. Others urged Job to admit to whatever sin he’s committed so his suffering would end. But there was one friend named Elihu who suggested that God was moulding Job through his season of suffering. Although, I’m sure Job had a difficult time believing that any sort of good could emerge from his situation. He questioned the justice and goodness of God but he never turned his face away from God. The rest of the story is known to you (If not, I would recommend you to read Job's story, it is beyond inspiring).

When we encounter unwanted change, we are often quick to show resistance. It's natural, we are human. But consider this the next time you find yourself in the midst of storm in your life. What's the bigger picture? What can I possibly learn from this? Do not be hesitant to ask God what he's trying to teach you.

Know that every season in your life has been orchestrated and was designed to mould you into someone you are not yet. This process although painful, removes the unnecessary and brings out what is necessary. You might not see it now, but you surely will soon.

If the most expensive coffee in the world can come from poop. The best version of you can emerge from your worst situation.

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